i rly don’t appreciate sissies who associate subjugation/humiliation/penetration with femininity, AT ALL.

that’s not what womanhood is about. that’s only one very narrow interpretation of it. women aren’t inherently better suited to submitting or being dominated. but y’all act like that’s all there is to it and end up perpetuating the absolute ugliest brand of misogyny.

so yeah i’m gonna need you to go away or you’re gonna get blocked

Note: The OP, @sleepycloudkitten, isn’t a Sub or Little. Please don’t mistake her for one.

Basically men who don’t have contempt for women don’t perform femininity. Men who do show what they really think.

Even in the kink community we barely tolerate race play and don’t think anybody tolerates blackface. “ Sissy” play is essentially the same thing.

I mean Jesus! At least in race play the stereotypes can be either tops or bottoms. In sissy play though? Pretty much by definition it’s all humiliation and degradation.

What’s up with that?