I threw up (only a very little but still) while deepthroating last night and the guy got so disgusted he left as soon as he came help how do I get over this humiliation (not even the good kind that makes u wet I’m just straight up cringing at myself)



I had to reread this to be sure. Lemme get this straight: you were deep throating thus guy hard, threw up a little (not all that uncommon!), and he waited till AFTER he came to express disgust and leave?

What a selfish prick. You’re better off without him, kiddo.

You did absolutely nothing wrong, don’t let his terrible opinion get you down.

This needs to be shared honestly

So years ago I tried sword swallowing. Seemed like a good idea at the time.  I found it surprisingly easy, though not something I’d want to do again once I figured out the trick.  

Years later it didn’t seem that far out there to try “deep throating” a dildo while trying to figure out what a partner’s experience might be. (Having empathy for your partner’s subjective experience makes you a better top even if you wouldn’t know sympathy if it bit you on the ass.).

On an unrelated note I once spent a month in bed recovering from aspirated stomach acid after a weird bout of reflux. Turns out stomach acid reduces lung function.

So I’m just going to put it out there that even if you vomit “only a very little” you should probably stop. Your partner should definitely fucking stop and check in.

Just because you see them do it on stunt-fucking sites like Kink.com or Max Hardcore doesn’t doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, any more than when you see it in Johnny Knoxville.

Even if you or your partner are emetophiles you… sort of want to check in because, you know, consent if one partner’s unwilling.  Or I guess appreciation if they are.  Point being that even then it’s not something to be disregarded or dismissed with disgust. Or embarrassment.

If you’re really experienced at deep throat and throw up a little that’s fine. As Steve at TheRuleSet said it can happen. But you know what? If you’re not confident enough to blow it off and send him packing when your clueless, useless asshole of a partner complains or, worse, thinks “you should be able to handle it” then you’re not experienced enough. And so you and your partner should stop and check in.