I want something

I want him to be okay with me be nerdy and cold all the time. I want him to be aroused when he sees me in my tights and thick socks and glasses. I also want him to remove said tights while I’m reading and touch my pussy and taste it and make me come because he knows that when I do, I get warm. After he knows I’m warm and ready, he then proceeds to fuck me anyway he wants, whether it’s slow and deep or hard and fast. I want him to hold my legs up and kiss my lips like I’m what he’s thirsty for. And I want him to lose control when I look him in the eyes and tell him to come deep inside me. Then we clean one another because it’s a little messy and snuggle for an amazing deep sleep.

Thick socks?  Warm feet, warm heart.  I’ll always make passes at girls who wear glasses.  And what most nerds understand that a lot of others don’t?  Nerdy’s never that far from naughty and dirty!

Only 58 days till Valentine’s Day.  Be mine.