I want to be publicly gang-raped. I want my body to be public property. Is that wrong? I think it’s wrong.



Do you have any idea how many people get wet watching crime dramas and imagining themselves as the victims?

It isn’t wrong. It’s a “I want to experience the exhilarating thing guilt free because reasons”

Obviously you’re not going to go walk down an ally in a bad part of town in a bikini. You’re fantasizing, like anyone else.

Maybe you’ll even set up a role play scene at some point and act it out at a play party, blindfolded, gagged, with a safety there to observe and check in with you periodically.

Play safe, have fun, and don’t be ashamed of your fantasies.

Well put!

“Obviously you’re not going to go walk down an ally in a bad part of town in a bikini.“  Just going to put it out there that how you dress isn’t much of a factor in whether you’re assaulted.  

So… an alley in a bad part of town?  Maybe. Though there’s more than a little classism in that assumption.  In an alley in a bikini?  Stereotypical assumptions notwithstanding, maybe not!  

Real criminals of every kind are at least as wary of unusual, peculiar, or suspicious behavior as everyone else.  And so wearing a bikini in an alley in any neighborhood would likely be too much of a WTF moment.  They’d let you go right on by and wait for someone they could get a better vulnerability read on.

Assault fantasies are very common and very hot, and there’s nothing wrong with having such fantasies at all.  Just keep in mind that the circumstances surrounding actual criminal sexual assault are almost always waaaaay different from TV circumstances, let alone stereotypes and fantasies.