Ideas for making a slave feel owned


1. Give her a clear time and protocol to speak her mind, so you both know her consent and limits are respected. By giving her the ability to say No, you make every Yes that much more powerful.

2. Establish her boundaries in writing, and find the areas where she wants to explore. Make her write them out, asking for your guidance.

3. Have her make a list of the things that scare her most, and confess them to you. Tell her she’s given you the keys to her own destruction, and make her say thank you.

4. Control when she can use her own feet; have her crawl at specified times, such as when getting ready for and into bed.

5. Decide what she will wear daily. Occasionally give her the opportunity to pick for herself, and see how well she can make herself pleasing to you.

6. When she is in your presence, take away the right to do basic tasks without permission. Watch her blush when she asks to be allowed to do simple things, like sit or excuse herself to the washroom.

7. Take away her right to speak first.

8. Have her set your clothing out for the next day and make sure it is presentable. Freshly ironed, shoes shined, etc, so that your morning is made easier by her effort the night before.

9. Decide on an item she can always wear if wearing a collar isn’t appropriate for her situation. Ensure she always has it on her body, and clearly knows when she is allowed to remove it (for bathing, etc) or if she is not allowed to remove it.

10. Have her Skype or FaceTime or Snap you at the same time, every single day. No exceptions.

11. Teach her the best way to display herself to suit your preferences, and make her do so every time she enters your presence when you are alone.

12. Interrupt her to use her selfishly, without regard to her pleasure. Remind her she is an object there for your satisfaction.

13. Get her tattooed or branded so that your mark of ownership is a literal part of her.

14. Ask her each day what she did that day that would displease you. This will train her to be more mindful of your will in her life, and it will train her to be completely honest.

15. Give her rules for how she is to keep herself to suit your pleasure, i.e. shaved/groomed a particular way/any specific aesthetic conditions. Then conduct random inspections to ensure she is always keeping herself how you want her.

16. Hand feed her upon occasion, to demonstrate to her that her health is important to you.

17. Feed her dinner from a dog bowl at your feet upon occasion, so she remembers exactly how low she is.

18. Speak about her as if she wasn’t there; she is an object, not a person.

19. Physically lead her with a fist coiled in her hair, or a painful grip on her upper arm. Show her that she’s so stupid she has to be physically shown where to be and what to do. Tell her she should be grateful you bother.

20. Make her thank you for every punishment, every bruise. Make her explain to you what she did wrong and thank you for your time and guidance.

21. Change her wardrobe to be more suitable to pleasing you. Change her hairstyle, modify her so that she is as useful to you as possible.

22. Have her keep a journal specifically about her submission, her feelings and reactions to tasks and rules, and then have her read it for you.

23. Control when she’s allowed to make eye contact, or speak your name.

24. Teach her what is most relaxing for you, whether that is massage or preparing a specific drink or having your favorite chair set up with a drink when you get home. Show her that you trust her to take care of you.

25. Give her an innocuous title she can use while in public or mixed company, so that she can always feel affirmed in her submission.

I’m a Daddy, not a Dom and certainly not a Master. But a good Daddy makes what adjustments he can for partners who want or need to go deeper, doesn’t he?

Calling anyone stupid is a soft boundary for me, but the rest of #19 is fine. Much harder limit on saying “worthless.” But these are all ideas, not rules or even guidelines.

Some of them can be very nice though, can’t they? Even though there’ll always have to be cuddling and kissing after, cuddlepug.