If you think a girl who’s half naked or fully naked means they don’t respect themselves and deserve to be spoken down to then get the fuck off my blog and go bury yourself in a hole


If this applies . Follow instructions!

Oh dear mother of god!  This!  

Look.  Unless you think you’re just a pathetic attention-giver and deserve to be spoken down to for getting off on pictures of naked women you don’t know because you don’t respect yourself enough to get naked with a real-life partner then… get a little perspective here!

Exhibitionism is a kink.  It’s its own thing.  And just like voyeurism, exhibitionism’s next-door neighbor, kinkster’s arousal doesn’t depend much at all on the person or people on the other side.  Those being seen for voyeurs; those seeing for exhibitionists.

So just fuck off your high horse and enjoy the naked people who get off on showing themselves.  Or else just fuck off and follow RV Retirement Camping lifestyle blogs.