????I always knew Mickey and Minnie were freaks ????

The VERY nice thing about Minnie Mouse is that, unlike pretty much every other Disney princess she’s a goddamn grownup!

OMG, I mean the real-life Pocahantas was ELEVEN when she met John Smith!  Ariel the mermaid was 16.   Belle was 17.  Jasmine, 16.  Mulan, 16.  Snow White, 14!  WTF is wrong with people anyway and that whole “some day my prince will come” business?

It shouldn’t take a frickin’ D/Lg Daddy to point out why it’s a damn good idea to wait till someone’s a self-determining, age-of-consent adult before you sexualize their little booties all over mass media.  What the hell kind of role-modeling is that for children?

Hint: In Sword in the Stone Wart wouldn’t have been more than 13 or 14, but guess what he never had to do at any point in the movie?


Go Mickey and Minnie!  Donald and Daisy too!