Ill come off anon if he wil and will give the details of what went wrong. Contrary to what you all seem to think im fairly reasonable. So this is the deal spelled out. Ill come off anon so you all can do what you will if the toy will recount the night explaining where it went wrong.I will add the stipulation that im coming off anon only if he does and doesnt skimp on details.


Fairly reasonable my ass. Stop calling him a toy or any other degrading name. You are not in a scene. You treat him as a human being.

He already came off anon and messaged me. Luckily, we have already talked before so I know his behaviour. What you did to him I can’t even fucking believe. Restraining him and depriving him of his vision while you watched him break, crossing his limits, and not even giving him the aftercare he needed.

Giant hats off to @femdomunicorn for taking responsibility for trying to get through to a sociopath and her victim.

  • If you can’t snap out of character after a scene you’re not a Dom or Sadist you’re a sociopath.
  • If you give your victim a safe word or whistle and then intentionally disregard it when they use it you’re a sociopath, not a top.
  • If you can’t admit you’re very wrong despite multiple other tops are calling you out you shouldn’t top unsupervised.