I’m a monogamous and bisexual woman but I find myself aroused by porn that doesn’t actually apply to my life like gay porn and threesomes and stuff like that. I’m not even a man, why would I like gay porn? Curious on your thoughts.

I can’t answer for you, of course, but I’ve talked to other women who’ve told me that, sort of like men like seeing two women together, you get to see two men doing things you’d probably enjoy doing too. Others have patiently explained that unlike heteros in open, or “lesbians” in open, gay men seem more authentically comfortable, less coercive or stressed, and less likely to seem like they’re faking something.

Does any of that feel right to you?

Don’t know for sure, but given how much “gay” fantasy fiction women of all ages both consume and write, and how many women seem to enjoy gay porn, my real message is don’t worry. You’re not alone. You’re not weird. And you could do a lot worse.