I’m feeling very needy right now…

Why is it that sometimes when I edge, my pussy aches to be tortured and beaten?

Because I’m a needy, deprived little slut who is feeling overly horny. I’m feeling desperate and anxious for a hard fucking that I can’t seem to think straight.

Why is it that when it feels that way, my Daddy can’t do anything about it?

Because Daddy is working and so am I so he couldn’t do anything about it if he wanted to. He probably wants me in a needy, desperate state to amuse him thru his crazy day.

And how on earth do I have the self control to not keep rubbing till I explode all over my fingers?

Simple. Because I belong to Daddy and he decides when I get to explode all over my fingers. He owns my orgasms and gives them to me when he deems necessary.

I am not always in the right state of mind and I’m working each day toward focusing on that. Daddy is so important to me. His happiness is everything to me. If I’m not able to accomplish something for him, I beat myself up over it.

I may be a horny, wet mess and I may be feeling desperate to fuck anything right now, but I’m happy feeling this way. It keeps me on edge and needing Daddy more than ever.

And you know what? I’m sure that Daddy loves that. ????

Very mean Daddy trick #131: Edging and orgasm denial

I’d never tell you not to have an orgasm.  In fact I love it when you do!   I love it when you tell me you couldn’t help yourself and came all over your fingers or toy or cushion or stuffie instead of waiting to show me.  Instead of letting me help.  So it’s not that I’ll ever be mad if you can’t help yourself, pumpkin.  It’s just…

It’s just so nice when you wait till I can be there to enjoy it with you.  And so disappointing to miss even one!

I’m sure you understand.  Don’t you?