I’m having a lot of trouble accepting my sexuality as a submissive. I feel it makes me weak or dirty, or both. Have you ever struggled with this? Do you have any advice?


Think of yourself as feminine… pleasing… nice. A good, supportive partner. Being submissive doesn’t mean you’re a doormat, nor does it mean you have to tolerate degradation or humiliation (both are hard limits for me, for example). If something, an act, makes you feel weak or dirty… well, don’t do it. Think of your being submissive as a positive, relationship-sustaining character trait, one a good man would find desirable. Because they do.

We don’t have a lot of control over what turns us on.  We do have control over who we are.  

I don’t know about Doms but at least for this Daddy respecting a lover’s concerns about her kink is as important as indulging it with her.  At least for this Daddy knowing the difference between a lover’s sexual self expression and her, you know, actual self is as important as appreciating them.