I’m just trying to understand your logic, Age play doesn’t make you a pedophile, rape play not a rapist, being a Dom doesn’t make you abusive. But race play makes you a racist?????


oh nuh-uh, don’t bring that lie up in here. u’re not trying to understand my logic, jerry. u’re trying to excuse the behavior w/ false equivalencies ok. age play is obvi pretend. i am in my late 20s. i can take the paci out & set it aside.

i can safeword my way out of being dragged across the floor by my hair

being a dom means being the dude behind the wheel of a kink car road trip basically. DM is driving but i told him where we’re headed & if u cannot get that simplicity, idk why u’re even hanging out around here honestly

but my blackness now——nothing takes off my blackness. it isn’t something i can remove. it isn’t pretend.

& when u are sexualizing me being inferior b/c of MY RACE, it is dangerous in a way that the others simply aren’t.

u don’t like how i feel abt it? block. me.

& if any of u other motherfuckers out there don’t like my opinion abt racism & kink, pls feel free to out urself so i can block u, or block me ur damn self & fuck all the way off ok.

ur opinion is raceplay fine. my opinion is: it’s not.

the world cont. to spin ok

u don’t like how i feel abt it? block. me.

Makes perfect sense to me.  And you can block us both if it doesn’t make sense to you.

There are just some things that can’t be turned off or forgotten when you come up for air.  For instance actual minors vs age play.  Humiliation/degradation “play” that focuses on actual sex or gender or orientation.  Just… yeah, sorry if you think it’s hot.  Truly.