I’m new to kink, but was wondering how does one go about finding a daddy?

I’m a terrible person to ask!  I only found out I’m a Daddy a couple of years ago!  I thought I was a good top but a really bad Dom.  

A couple of possibilities, though none feel terribly diagnostic

  • Look for someone who’s clearly a top but doesn’t feel like Dom is the right fit for them.
  • Maybe look for someone who was the eldest sibling?
  • Maybe look for someone who’s “Five Love Languages” results show Acts of Service (giving and maybe receiving), Quality Time (giving), Words of Affirmation (receiving)?

But maybe the best bet would be to start blogging anonymously about your kink and see who shows up in your likes and comments, get to know the interesting ones a better through DMs, then vet the living hell out of them before revealing personal info let alone meeting them in person. 

I know there’s a real shortage of good tops of all kinds, and D/Lg is a pretty niche kink as power-exchange kinks go.  So it’s probably always going to be a slog unless you stumble across someone.  

Sorry I can’t be more helpful.  Best of luck.