I’m not a great submissive.


I have high anxiety.
I work a lot.
I have high expectations.
No, really high expectations.
I suffer from depression and am very mercurial.
I am incredibly independent and aggressive.
I resist submission.
I’m mean as a snake when I am tired, or hungry, or haven’t cum in a few days.
I act like a brat.
It’s nearly impossible for me to admit I ever need help.
It’s even harder to entertain the idea that I would NEED a person.
I am quick to anger but quick to forgive.
I see things in conversations that are not there.
I break rules.
I get my feelings hurt easily, but only by him.
I love my friends. I love my family. I love my house. It’s hard to imagine moving, but I could do it.
I don’t speak up when I need aftercare.
I let myself feel guilty for things I can’t control.
I’m not put into little space easily. It’s hard for me to check out of big girl world.
I’m jealous, and scary, and sometimes whiney… and time consuming.
I don’t always feel like having sex.
I’m not always understanding.
I’m not always selfless.
I don’t always put my Dominant above myself.

And this is perhaps why I’m not a great submissive, according to Tumblr. But some of these things are reasons why I personally have come to believe that I am a good submissive.

I acknowledge my flaws. I work on them. I work through many of them with my Daddy. He is a good man trying to do right by a good girl. I want him to know how appreciated he is… That every text, every goodnight, every picture he sends to me is important and helps me feel closer to him. I love him. I want him. He brings out the little subby girl in me. I’ll make him happy as frequently as I possibly can. I’ll be his. @tall-dark-lovely

This makes me a good submissive.

The pursuit of the best drives out the good. Being a human Sub is pretty wonderful. Topping an “ideal” Tumblr Sub would grow boring surprisingly quickly.