I’m so tired of every show that takes place in the past (wild west, medieval, pirates etc) ALWAYS having so much sexual violence towards women like writers can cry “oh it’s realism” all you want but it’s very transparent how realism only applies when you want to hurt women on screen. If we’re talking staying realistic, why doesn’t everyone have brown teeth? Or bad skin? Or dying of dysentery? Just admit y’all want an excuse to brutalize women on screen lol

This pisses me off so much. A lot of the time if you mention realism would also involve women having unshaved legs or pits, or bushy eyebrows, or syphilis, the answer is often “well that’s gross, no one wants to read about/see that” and like…. If you think that women being ugly is grotesque, but brutal depictions of rape aren’t, then I don’t really know what to say to you other than stay the fuck away from me.

What @squidsticks said! Though “to be fair” every goddamn “contemporary” show that isn’t a straight-up one-camera sitcom has the same kind of specialized violence.

Even fucking Kimmy Schmidt is premised on kidnap and rape… only off-camera and “funny” because it’s Jon Hamm.

Tip: overall the Middle Ages weren’t significantly more violent to women than we are. Worth pointing out that all the selective bias that puts all that “historical” violence front and center is… 21st Century contemporary.