I’m sorry for asking an annoying question ???? I always have a hard time describing where I fit on that spectrum and a “middle” really fits that for me. The Tumblr community has made DD/lg such a messy concept imho and I often find myself trying to keep as much distance as possible from the “little” label. You’re an extremely eloquent person and I appreciate the musings you’ve provided on the subject~


i’m glad. :)

you know what you do here, at the end of the day, so to speak? 

you look around, you interact, you absorb some shit you relate to and you discard the opposite of that.

but what you wanna do is find your own way, above all else, and if you do that, you’re gonna be more than fine.

never lose your self in this. never give that away to anyone, even when you gift your submission to someone worthy of it.

that was a bit of a ramble, but it was straight from the heart.



Awesome, awesome question from @illuminotus and a lovely answer from Danipup!

My analogy has been with how for a very long time so many gay men had a hard time describing where they fit.  Because they were only exposed to public stereotypes about men that… didn’t fit them at all, at all!

So just as a few gay men fit the comedy stereotype but most don’t, the same is true for Littles.  Some do fit the stereotypes!  And while it’s not my point, fuck all if there’s anything wrong with those who do!  But most don’t!  And you don’t see the ones who don’t.

When I started exploring this “oh, shit, I’m not a bad Dom a Daddy” thing I was a little confused about the stereotypes too.  The wonderful Little who outed herself to me and then helped me discover myself didn’t have many “classic” Little characteristics.  But I thought maybe she was an exception.  And since I wasn’t all that into “regression” to pre-school ages I latched onto the concept of “middles” and soon after started wondering what the word was for Littles who are even older – college age and up who still daydream of “coming home to Daddy” from their active, adult lives.  

Turns out the term for those people is (and ought to be) Littles!  

???? Not all Doms wear leather pants.  

???? Not all gay men are hairdressers.  

???? Not all Subs know all the “Gorean Slave Positions.” And…

???? Not all Littles nuk on pacifiers, talk baby talk, “regress” to other ages, or refuse to eat anything but animal mac and cheese, or want “spankies,” or have panic attacs if Daddy isn’t waiting on them hand and foot!  In fact quite a few don’t call their Daddies “Daddy!”

In other words a lot of Littles are just like @illuminotus!

In other words lot of Littles might be just like you!

Kink in general, and D/Lg in particular, would be tremendously boring if it were any other way!