Important news: I’m a domme and all, but I still wanna be your girl. Your princess. Your babydoll. Not everything in a relationship is about sex. I want to be someone’s girl as much as they are mine.

Thiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!! I’m still a romantic. I still want a romantic relationship, not just being someone’s domme.

Gotta agree.  Tumblr memes and popular stereotypes notwithstanding, not everything in a D/S or D/Lg or any other kind of relationship is about sex.  Daddy is an honorific in kink but it’s also a term of endearment!  Kitten’s a role in kink but it too is a term of endearment!

It’s totally possible for Doms and Subs, Caregivers and Littles, and all the other kinds of top and bottom (hell, or even vanilla people!) not to also be friends.  Or, really, even lovers!

But it’s a wonderful treat to also be friends and lovers, and boyfriends and girlfriends.

It’s a goddamn relationship, not a bank audit!