In such a mood to give someone who wants a lot of attention a lot of attention!

When Daddy’s working I’m pulled in so many directions – so many people calling me.  Emailing me too.  Projects to be completed.  Employees to be supervised.  Problems to be solved.  Duty calling, all day.  All wanting my attention.

And somehow through it all I never stop thinking I’d rather be with…


And when they all go away?  I want to give one on one attention. Lots and lots of attention.  To listen to.  To play with.  To shower and brush teeth with.  To read to or maybe just read with.  To do drawings with.  To get up to mischief with.  To take to bed with me.  To snuggle with.  To make breakfast for.  Before…

Before work where everybody will want my attention again?  Instead of just one person.

Who could be you.