A comment from a Follower on a post the other day about “domineering” vs. “dominant” men. I think this is spot on.

“The first time you are sick and can’t “please” them is a dead give away.   Does he take his responsibility to take care of you seriously? Or does he disappear?  Placing your submission at someone’s feet means you have given yourself over to their care.  The good days, the bad days, the cute hair and dress or pj pants and heating pad.  It has always been a red flag for me when any Dom refuses to take care of the non sexual stuff.“

Oh, awesome distinction!  Hells yes!

Any asshole can be domineering… and come to think of it many are!

Being a Dominant isn’t the same thing at all, at all!

Domineering is an act of self-indulgence

Domination is an peculiar act of service… where the service comes in the form of control, discipline, and not-always-comfortable-but-always-there-for-you attention.