Is oral a “Dom thing”?

I’ve read a few things on here that question whether giving oral pleasure is a “Dom thing”. I could go into the obvious advice about the give and take of all relationships but these notes seem to be falling on deaf ears, so allow me to put it another way….

As he begins with the light sucking and licking that gets me squirming and wriggling with pleasure brought about by his tongue, I relish in the delight of this gift from Sir.

As he ramps up the tempo to create the most delicious feeling in the world where my stomach clenches uncontrollably with the pulsing knots of pleasure building feverishly from below, I think, if this is my reward then I always want to be his good girl.

I don’t want to cum but his tongue on my pussy is relentless and the feeling as he sucks and tugs at my clit completely rocks my world to the point where I know I’m going to explode any moment if he doesn’t stop.

I try to escape and twist away but his arms wrap themselves tightly around my thighs, reminding me of his control as he pins me in place, holding me open to this toe curling, leg twitching frenzy that Sir has decided to bestow upon me, the kind that grips my body, arches my back and ensures that the only thing escaping his grip are the epic moans of pleasure falling from my lips.

I want the orgasm but it comes to quick this way so unthinkingly my hand desperately tries to push his head away but its useless against his strength. He grips my wrist holding me back, reminding me that this pleasure is not mine to stop or control.

Sir holds all the power and he has decided that I deserve this treat and my job is to simply take what he is giving me.

I’m completely trapped as he continues his assault on my pussy with the constant lashing of his tongue, my moans encouraging him to push on until I cannot take anymore and the orgasm eventually takes over, gripping me with the most powerful waves that start in my gut, rip through my stomach and up through my body in a way no other orgasm can take me.

He comes up and holds me tight against him as I revel in the after glow of the orgasm Sir has given me.

This is the most beautiful gift a woman could receive.

So the next time you question whether it’s a “Dom thing” ask yourself this, as a Dom, why would you even want to deny her such pleasures?

#oral #domthing

I’ve mentioned a couple of times the scene I observed at a play party years ago where a Dom had her partner bound to a St. Andrews cross and first whipped the hell out of his ass and then went around to the front and gave him a hell of a blowjob.  His moans from that came from even deeper in his chest than his groans from his whipping

That’s a short way of saying ahahaha, hell yes, oral is a Dom thing.  And a top thing in general.  We like to put you in an altered state.  And having you on the tips of our tongues?  And keeping you there while your hips rock and you make funny little noises while trying to first to form complete sentences and later complete words?  Well, that works too, doesn’t it?

Yeah, oral’s definitely a thing, dimples.