Is the past tense of Dom: Dom’d, Domed, or Dommed ?


None of the above, because “Dom” is not a verb. “Dom” isn’t something we do, it’s something we are. When I read something like “So I was with this guy last night and he Dommed me real good,” it’s like fingernails on a blackboard.

 Here’s a little thought experiment, a couple of hypothetical constructs:

1. Said by a Dom: “So I was with this girl last night and she subbed me real good.”

2. Said by a gay person: “So I was with this guy last night and he gayed me real good.” 

“Dom” is an attribute, not an action. An adjective. Example: “I am a Dominant male.” Submissive works the same: “I am a submissive female.”

One might colloquially say “they doctored me back to health” but you’d never hear someone say “they doc’d me.”  Same with Dom or Sub.

If you’re writing a description or maybe fiction you could say “I dominated them” or “they were submitting to me.”