Is there any truth to “dating games” you find when it comes to dating advice, like don’t text first. Always make sure your texts are shorter than his. Always be the first one to end a call. If you see him checking out another woman say she how beautiful she is so you don’t seem insecure… I’m too busy and tired for games, and prefer to be upfront and speak my mind. But am I taking away some of the “chase” by being like this?


Be upfront and speak your mind. Those “dating games” are bullshit.

The only “dating game” advice I’ve noticed really working well is not kissing till the third date. Which I would compound by only kissing, once, on the third date.

But then even in vanilla relationships I was almost always still somewhat of a top so maybe that was just my version of discipline and boundary establishment.

It’s still a good idea, though online experiences cans substitute for some but not all of those “dates.” And even for LDR meetings it’s good to meet first in public midday if you can, then part company till dinner so you both have time to think. Even if you spend the whole time apart madly texting or FaceTiming again!

That last part, having time apart, is good for clarifying who you’re both being and what you’re both doing.

You may never spend another minute apart so it can be time well spent!

You’ll notice that’s… not really “dating rules” though, is it? Which is nice because almost all of those are silly gendered nonsense.