It cracks me up that men brag about their dicks and their prowess in a world where vibrators exist. Time to face the fact straight dudes: you’ll never be able to pleasure your girlfriend as much as a lump of plastic. Just be grateful she fucks you sometimes anyway for your sake.


Saying “women hate sex with men and only tolerate it to do their womanly duty” is actually sexist, overgeneralizing bullshit no matter how you try to dress it up.

Also, it’s just, like, not true?  Most women may orgasm faster with a vibrator, but this race ain’t all about the finish line.

See?  This!  You’re probably not going to find anyone more intersectional-feminist woke than @pervocracy but they don’t hate sex with men and they don’t hate dick a bit!

There’s more to sex than dicks.  And more to sex than orgasms too.

I’m not just channeling for women here either.  I was on a medication for a couple of years, treatment for mild, situational depression.  Worked great for depression, with is a good thing because it made it profoundly hard to have an orgasm and downright impossible to have one during sex with a partner.

But want to know something?  I still loved having sex!  Because even without coming sex with someone you like, love, are attracted to, and like being with is still really goddamn nice!  

Doesn’t mean (as too many men and women assume) that women are “more interested in intimacy than sex or orgasms.”  Because, ahahaha, no, that would be the resignation, misogyny, incompetence, “premature ejaculation,” ignorant-boyfriend, a long history of abstinence-only and “for reproduction only,” and some serious anti-feminist ideology talking.

That said.  Yeah, men and women both can have orgasms quicker by themselves.  But you don’t see men saying “yeah, don’t know why I bother having sex.”  So why the assumption that women would say it?

(Hint: it’s not feminists who say women don’t like sex with men, it’s anti-femininists.  Feminists might want good sex with men, but that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame from “just be grateful she fucks you sometimes anyway for your sake.”)  

Sex is fun!