it is truly awful and evil that there are millions of young girls being told that covering any imperfection in their skin and lengthening their eyelashes so as to better frame their face and trying desperately to hide the natural shape of their nose is art. that this learned practice of picking out everything you’ve been taught to hate about yourself and systematically concealing or altering these things so as to make yourself more appealing is “a form of art”. there is nothing creative about the need to ~Be Beautiful~ at the expense of being yourself

Or just let people do what makes them happy

or become literate

Makeup SHOULD be an art form. It’s not, as OP said, its main use is to hide everything society tells you is wrong with your appearance. However, that doesn’t make wearing makeup wrong, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for fun, you should wear it for fun! But makeup is marketed and mostly created to hide “imperfections” and we need to acknowledge and fight against that.


Long as you know why you’re doing something it’s probably ok.  Even “because everybody does it” is probably ok as long as you know that’s why you’re doing it.

It’s as true when it’s other stuff like going to the gym or night classes, playing rec-league soccer, drinking Scotch, dieting, bucking for a promotion or raise, or trying anal.  There’s a big difference between “have to” and “think you have to,” and of “want to” and “you’ve heard you’re supposed to.”