It seems like a lot of guys have never had their nipples played with during sex and it strikes me as a bit strange. Like your nipples are right there, in my face, why not?

As a dude, I quite like my nipples teased aha. That said I think only one of the girls I have ever dated really played with them :c

Listen. A nipple is a nipple. Whether I’m fuckin you or ya mans. Both pair can get ???????? on.

I’ve got no feelings in them

Literally got bit on Sunday and it was just irritating tbh

Wat I look like letting a woman suck/play wit my nipples ????

Are you serious?

I’ve never thought about letting someone do that to me….it kinda sounds feminine to me but I’d like to do it still

If it’s you and your girl/person you’re being intimate with, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being ‘feminine’. Just have fun

Personally, it’s one of my favorite things. Bite, suck, tease, it gets me worked up

It drives me insane. Her tongue/lips on my nipples is one of the fastest ways to get me off.

Mannnnn leeettttttt me tell you my nipples being played with makes my dick viagra hard I love love love it. So do what you gotta do

Most men view everything as demasculating not knowing their women will love them more

Ahaha!  Nipples are pretty misunderstood all around, huh?  Like, porn and pop culture act as though women’s nipples are horniness volume controls.

  • And, yeah, for some people they are!
  • But for some women they’re not very sensitive at all no matter how hard you play.
  • And for some women it’s just irritating as shit.  
  • Sometimes it’s all three in the same woman within just minutes of each other.

In other words, women’s nipples are pretty much just like most mens!

Usually mine are pretty neutral.  Sometimes, maybe 10% of the time, a lover playing with my nipples feels like they’re pulling a string that goes through my insides right to my cock.  And other times, maybe 10% of the time it feels as buzzy/irritating as licking a battery.

Clue: once I understood that I still really like women’s nipples (they’re really pretty!) but I don’t think they’re the holy-grail erogenous zone they’re made out to be.  Not compared to, say, the sides and undersides of the breast, necks, shoulders, collarbones, sometimes ears, inner thighs…

Also, what the actual fuck with nipples being “feminine?”  Or nipple sensitivity?  Nipples develop in human embryos well before week nine, when male embryos begin producing development-differentiating testosterone.  Which, TBH, doesn’t really do anything to prevent breast or nipple development anyway – that’s caused by estrogen in cis- and trans women either after puberty or after hormone replacement therapy.

Point being when it comes to nipples we all got the same basic tissues, including subcutaneous muscles for erection and nerve pathways for stimulation.

In other words, saying enjoying nipple stimulation is “feminine” is about as dumb as saying having opposable thumbs is “feminine.”

More accurate to say that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.