Y’know when folks talk about people have a hard time coming from PIV intercourse they usually mean women.  And it’s while true that men usually have a much easier time?

Well.  I’m not going to mock the owl shit out of how stupid porn can be, with pornographers so goddamn obsessed with men wanking themselves that it doesn’t even occur to them that an even easier way for the man to get himself off would be, you know, to actually fuck his co-worker instead of rubbing one out Archer style.

Instead I’m going to be a little more serious and say that, yeah, sometimes men have a harder time coming from intercourse as well.

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel wonderful!  It does!

Just not 100% guaranteed orgasmic.  That’s important to keep in mind.  Our stereotypes about this are so strong that a lot of perfectly normal men feel end up feeling like there’s something wrong with them.  They shouldn’t!

Ok, but enough being generous.  This being porn, let’s assume the man in the image is minimally orgasmically capable.  And point out that either he or (more likely) his art-director employer is so far up the ass with porn that it’s simply never occurred to him that he could stop jacking off and actually fuck his colleague!


100% of the risk of ejaculating inside someone, literally 0% of the enjoyment!

Just say no to stupid porn sex!