it’s okay to change!

to all of you guys who are still figuring out:

first, I thought i was bisexual,

then, i finally discovered i was asexual

and i thought: hm, so I’m biromantic?

and then i thought i was only a lesbian

but in my head i knew that wasn’t totally right

and my mind was a mess

and then

then i finally remembered



the word and concept felt so natural for me and it just felt so right

it just clicked, y’know?

it was the best feeling ever

and i only got to my answer by trying out what worked the best for me, who i loved and who i already loved and who i might love and how.

you don’t have to know everything now

take your time my dudes

Please take your time!  Developmental psychologists tend to agree that most people don’t completely come in for a landing on their orientation, identity, sexual preferences, and so on till their middle twenties.  

A lot of people don’t figure it out till they’re in their 40s and even later!

But you want to know a little secret?

The ones who take so long to figure it out?  They decided, or were told, and thought that was that!  It’s so easy to imagine that people are nouns (a bisexual, a straight, a foot fetishist, a bratty Sub) when really we’re verbs.  Stick a label on yourself or let someone stick it on you and baby it can stick!  

It’s not the 20th Century anymore.  You don’t have to know everything now.  Take your time.