I’ve only been a follower for a little while but I love your blog -you’re awesome about answering questions, super positive and I love that hearing a lot of the things you say reinforce my standards for kink relationships. It’s easy to get bogged down thinking “maybe I’m too much/rigid/uptight” but hearing a daddy completely stand up for women (and men) and their rights/responsibilities in a relationship is amazing. You’ve helped my self esteem quite a lot, stay awesome!

Thanks for your kind words!  Not that there’s anything wrong with being rigid and uptight – that whole “I’m not comfortable unless it’s this way” is the basic definition of a fetish!

It’s not a fetish, however, to remind people it’s better to be consenting adults having sex they want, in a safe, consensual, and mutually-satisfying relationship with their peers, where two or more partners freely agree on the definitions of “sex” and “satisfying.”

Thanks again!