Just a reminder that everything they’re doing is vanilla as hell.

Vanilla only means “not kinky” it doesn’t mean “boring” at all, at all.  

That thing most of us mean when we say “vanilla?”  That weird, voiceless, inhibited, endlessly mindful not to transgress any taboos, usually with the man on top, often almost as an afterthought once the couple is in bed, done with the lights out, often only till the man ejaculates, not spoken of afterwards?  

Honey that shit’s not vanilla, that’s missionary kink!  Yet another rigidly stylized practice invented and popularized by the exact same uptight Victorians who gave us all the tropes and practices of modern BDSM!

Does it seem boring as hell?  Well sure!  But other people’s kinks are often boring if you don’t share them.  Not knocking anybody but Jesus I don’t see how anybody gets off on all those stultifying Gorean Kajira positions and hand signs either.  Doesn’t mean it’s bad or wrong, just means it’s not my kink!

But that’s the whole point!  Gorean kink?  D/S, B&D, S&M, D/Lg kink?  Missionary kink?  All kinks!

Vanilla isn’t any of that.  It’s just what you do when you’re hot for each other, hot for yourselves, want to give your partner a hell of a lot of pleasure while making sure you get a hell of a lot of pleasure from them too.  It’s what you do when you want to do more than get your rocks off, get your partner off.

This isn’t to say everyone should do vanilla.  Ahaha, nope!  That would be as dumb as saying everyone should do Gorean D/S.  Instead it’s just to say that, as with any other consensual forms of sexual self-expression, don’t value it solely on how much or whether it turns you on.