Just a reminder that if you like, reblog, follow, or comment on one of my posts and your profile says you’re not 18 or over then I’m going to block you.

Even if your profile is old and you haven’t updated it for years.  

If this was a vetted, curated sex-education site it might be different.  But then if this was a sex-ed site it would be really different, wouldn’t it?  

The other day I saw a nice post explaining how to update your Tumblr profile – something that’s a pain in the ass, and something a lot of people don’t know you can do in the first place!  Sadly I can’t find it now.  If someone sends me a link I’ll repost that too.

Meanwhile if you really are under 18, that’s great!  A couple of months, or even a couple of years just isn’t that long.  Go live life, interact with people your own age, and come back when you are 18.  Or older.

Because I don’t really have a good way to unblock people (I block a lot of bot, spam, and other trash sites as well as underage ones) it’s best that you don’t visit, or leave a trace, in the first place.  

And really, if you’re not 18 it really is best if wait to visit over-18 sites.