Just because you ask about their day and compliment their nudes doesn’t mean they’ll sleep with you.

Just because they like sex and are horny doesn’t mean they want to fuck indiscriminately.

Just because you’d say yes to a girl asking if you’re down to fuck doesn’t mean they would.

Be charming, be interesting, and build some rapport with them; attract and stimulate them physically and mentally.

They have dozens of guys trying to get in their pants; what makes you any different?


I have a carrot


And again. Telling me you can fuck me all night won’t help, cause while you’re typing that 10 other guys already sent that. All of you totally have no game.

You usually can’t just send a selfie of your boobs to get a male blogger’s attention nor tell a female blogger you “could fuck her through the sheets.”

Tip: Not every woman wants to be fucked all night on the offhand chance that somewhere in there she’ll get to come too.