Just because you’re not conventionally attractive, that doesn’t mean you deserve to be cheated on or abused in your relationships.

Exactly, we all deserve love and respect ✊

I’m glad someone put this into words because self image fucks so hard with self worth in relationships.

I’d add that since at least half of the time the person the partner cheats with is less conventionally “attractive” than the one who’s cheated on, or has less conventional “status,” attractiveness and status aren’t really what prompts people to cheat in the first place.

That said, nobody deserves to be cheated on or abused in a relationship.

How the fucking hell does anybody deserve that?

Cheating happens, sure.  But “deserve?” Deserve doesn’t even come into it.

I don’t even know if we “deserve” love and respect!

It’s more a matter of we’re all in this together.  We ought to watch out for each other.