Kitten teases


~ daddy sitting on the couch ~

Me: *standing a few feet away in his t shirt* daaaaadddyy??

Daddy: yes princess *looking at phone*

Me: *whispers* I have a surprise

Daddy: *looks up* Come here little girl, what is it?

Me: *walks over to daddy and sits on his lap*

Daddy: …. princess are you not wearing any panties??

Me: *blushing* I forgot to put them on daddy

Daddy: *in his dom tone* oh kitten, it looks like I’m going to have to do something about this…

Me: yes, daddy I knowww

The lovely thing about D/Lg is while you can still have rules and goals, and adult conversations about intentions, needs, and interests, the actual points of “contention” that lead to dominance can be ridiculously hot for both of you.  But also so absurdly over-the-top there’s little chance of it bleeding into serious conflict.