“Knights try to attract women by competing with other men. Troubadours try to attract women by doing things women like. When troubadours succeed, knights think they’re cheating.”

Found in comments on an old, old, whiny post by an MRA.  

 I’m no Galahad.  Not least because, duh, knights are always vassals of someone higher up the feudal food chain, a.k.a. the old-school capital-P Patriarchy.  

Knights call everything else “cheating” because under Patriarchy you’re only “given” women by your superiors.  And only if you’re found “worthy,” a.k.a. you’ve earned somebody’s daughter by properly competing with other men to see who’s the best at… serving and pleasing… older men?!?!

As a reward.  A human being?  Reward?  For competing to serve, literally, an actual patriarch!

Yup.  Having her  hand in marriage  pussy parceled out to you based on how well you please another man sure is “masculine.”  So “manly!”  Also servile a it gets, cowboy.

Fuck that shit!

What do you want, princess?