Lesson learned


Him- Hey pup come here please.

Me- *walking in to the room* yes sir?

Him- You’re my sub today, is that correct?

Me- Yes sir. I am completely yours today.

Him- Prefect. Now you will do as I instruct you to do?

Me- Yes sir, it’s my job.

Him- Such a good pup. Now put this gag on.

Me- I’m sorry sir I can not do that.

Him- Well why not? Didn’t I just hear you say that it’s your job to do as I instruct?

Me- Yes sir, you did hear me say that.

Him- Good. Now the gag please.

Me- I can not sir. That is one thing I will not do for you sir.

Him- Even if I were to punish you for not listening?

Me- Even then sir. I will not do anything I’m not comfortable with sir. No matter what head space I am in.

Him- You are a very good girl. You do not let anyone talk you into something you don’t want. There are limits for a reason. Don’t let some young asshat ruin this dynamic for you. Now run along and go play with my holes.

Me- Yes sir. Thank you sir.

Awesome Little! “Good girl” don’t even begin to cover it.