Make her laugh with wild abandon at the most inappropriate times..

Make her smile because her eyes light up with mischief..

Have silly conversations over Chinese take out on the kitchen floor..

Listen to her, stop and take the time to hear her thoughts and dreams, no matter how trivial the conversation..

Have a battle of wits, that test your patience, fires your passions, and ends up in bed..

Call her just to say you miss her, text her because she crosses your mind, open doors, pull out chairs, being a gentleman should never go out of style..

Back her against the wall and ravish her mouth, all women dream of it, it’s not just for the movies..

Make love to her mind, know what makes her tick, learn her moods and how to navigate her complexities..

Learn her fears and help her over come them..

Be her shining white knight even if she’s more than capable of saving herself..

Be kind, words can’t be taken back once you’ve said them, they bruise and leave scars you can’t see..

Let her seduce you, even if it was your idea to begin with..

Make out in the car like you were teenagers, find a dirt road, get lost, get lucky.

Send her daisies on Wednesday just because it’s her favorite flower..

Don’t forget her birthday, it’s silly, but it matters..

Remember she chose you, and you chose her, don’t take that for granted..

Me.  You.  This.  Ok?