Make her feel so damn sexy, every day, no matter what. She’s wearing pyjamas? Sexy. She’s got a onesie on? Sexy. Shorts, a big T-Shirt, no makeup? Sexy. 6 days without a shower cause her depression is kicking her ass? Fuckin sexy. Regardless to what’s going on, you make SURE she knows just how damn sexy she is

“How can you want me when I’ve got a runny nose?”  “How can you want me when I’m broken out?”  “How can you want me when I’m bloaty and crampy?”

These are like asking how could I want you when you’re covered in makeup and hairspray and that kicky little black dress and your favorite ankle-breaker heels.  

All that?  All done up or completely unraveled, what matters is you, purpsqueak, not how you’re decorated.