man with zero redeemable qualities voice: i can’t get laid cuz of feminism


For the record, even when I couldn’t get laid I never blamed feminism.  Or “the church.”  Or anybody’s “prudish upbringing.”  Or the Bavarian Illuminati.

Instead I blamed myself.  For not having a job.  For not having a car.  For not having a home!  (Which I didn’t for a couple of years!)

And it wasn’t because I didn’t ask.  It was because I “knew” no one would say yes!  I “knew” no one would be interested in a scruffy, unwashed, wandering wastrel like me!

It didn’t occur to me at the time because I wasn’t terribly awake to it, but I might have blamed the patriarchy if I had been.  Though even then it would have been internalized – a decision that I must not be “worthy” enough, which is patriarchy at its worst!  Not a good enough car, not a good enough job, not enough money, some other bushwah that the patriarchy tells men we have to have before we can “earn” sex… because under patriarchy women aren’t people, partners, or fellow citizens they’re currency!  Reward for  worthy  good behavior.

Point being, if you’ve got “zero redeemable qualities” and can’t get laid?  Blame the fucking patriarchy.  Makes a shit-ton more sense than making up crap about women only “trading up” or “cucking” their partners with “alpha males.”

Which, tbh, to the extent that actually happens at all actual feminists are more appalled by it than the bitterest MRA.