the phrase daddy issues makes me so mad like no this isnt some ‘issue’ we have its a system of neglect and emotional incompetence thats excused and encouraged in men and then somehow reflects badly on young girls for being lost and im so mad

The man fails as a father and we laugh at the neglected girl

And then men eroticize the effects of said neglect, great job all around ????

Yeah, for fuck sakes!  I’m all up in D/Lg with a Daddy kink and I think “daddy issues” is such a bullshit epithet!  Yeah, some people have issues with their dads.  Think it’s exclusive to girls then go fuck yourselves.  Think it makes her issues invalid then also go fuck yourselves.  Think wanting to be treated like a decent human being and not going for the whole “bros before hoes” can of shit shellac?  Go fuck yourselves!

When and if you’re able to reproduce treat your daughters not like princesses, and not like “one of the boys” and not like a sheltered angel and not like a future Fortune 500 CEO.  Treat her like she seems to want to be treated!  Do this for your sons too.  Model it for other dads.  Model it for other moms too, btw, because quite a few “daddy” issues are really “mommy” issues were dads aren’t able to or won’t compensate for mom’s always well-meant but sometimes overbearing hopes, dreams, wishes, and disappointments.

When you do have a kink relationship going on with a lover who’s got “daddy issues?”  You know all that blather about how the Dom in a D/S relationship is supposed to “guide” his Sub and lead her and help her “better” herself and give her structure?  Yeah, well that’s actually something honest, real D/Lg and DD/Lg Daddies can do for their Littles too.  Not keep them off balance with their parent issues but give them an opportunity to work through them.  

And, yeah, sometimes that means when she’s worked things out with you she’ll be ready to move on.  And yeah, sometimes that hurts quite a bit.  (And sometimes nothing you can do will really help and she’ll move on for someone  who will stay distant and aloof and keep her anxious and aching for the approval she thinks she needs instead of the acknowledgment she really does.  And, yeah, that hurts even worse.)

But part of being a Daddy, a real one, is understanding that… well… first of all most relationships aren’t lifelong but second of all sometimes even the most beloved Littles “grow up.”  Here’s a little secret though: if you’re a good Daddy for them they won’t forget you either, even if they do move on.  Unlike regular exes it’s easier to stay friends with former Littles and…

You may have noticed that most folks aren’t that crazy about going into a relationship with bitter men or women who can’t get over their last relationship(s!)  So being able to resolve and accept with grace and purpose (if never ease) makes your chance of being found again that much easier.

One final thing about the accusation of “daddy issues” though.  The kind of men who make that sort of accusation are pretty fucking likely to give their own daughters “daddy issues!”  And there’s a too-good chance they themselves had issues with their dads!

So.  Bottom line: if you ever find yourself flipping the “daddy issues” card on somebody don’t just check your privileges, check in with a good shrink.  You might be more than a little damaged yourself and you’re at pretty good risk of passing it on to your own daughters.  And sons!