Missing link in kink: Protector vs. Mentor roles

Awesome YouTube video from @evie-lupine about a role I hadn’t been aware of: protectors!  Everyone else may have already heard of these but I hadn’t so I’m gonna talk about it anyway!

Protectors in kink aren’t the same thing as mentors.  The nickel version would be that a mentor will be interested in teaching you things, but they may or may not also be involved in your education.  For instance a mentor for a Sub might also be a Dom.  A protector on the other hand would almost always be another Sub.  Their role is to be concerned your safe and successful introduction to the kink community.

If you don’t have time to watch the video (I recommend it) here’s the BDSM Wiki’s take on the role: 

“The role of a protector does not equate to being someone’s Dominant, Play partner, Trainer, or sex partner. It is important to determine that attaining one of these positions is not a hidden motive of a potential protector as it is not entirely uncommon to have predatory individuals offer to protect vulnerable new explorers of BDSM as a ruse to gain access to those without good information or in a diminished capacity, and exploit them. Be sure that a protector you select is someone that you can trust not to take advantage of you.”

Cool concept!

You might also check out her followup video on mentors.