There’s a severe lack of dick in my mouth right now and if i’m honest I find that highly offensive.

How come there are so many whores online but I can’t find a single one in daily life

Probably because you’re completely clueless on how you should correctly approach women. And, to be fair, they’re probably better off without you pal ????

Omfg! How does semi-anonymously saying “I’m horny” make anybody a fucking whore?!?!

I just said the same thing in my blog, what, an hour ago. Does that make ME a fucking whore, mate? Or is it just women who are “whires” for being horny?

How can someone who’s got their own goddamn semi-anonymous porn blog go around running down another blogger?

Pro tip: If one has zero social graces it’s not anyone else’s fault if you’re not getting laid.