Boys need to be cuddled more. Put his head in your lap or on your chest. Stroke his hair, scratch his back lightly with your nails, rub his shoulders, kiss him on the top of his head. Anytime, not just when he’s feeling down or trying to fall asleep.

When I did this to my boyfriend for the first time he almost started crying because no one had ever done something similar to him before. And I think that is awfully sad.

I do what the OP suggests like all the time to my partner. Everyone needs affectionate touch in a relationship.

Yes x 100,000,000!!!!

This was one of the downsides 24/7 D/s.  It’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that it futzes with the dynamics.  The dynamics don’t have to reinforce tropes of masculinity (and hyper-masculinity) and femininity… but they generally do.

One of the cool things about fatherhood, though, and by extension Daddy-hood, is that even if you somehow didn’t feel it it would still be important to model vulnerability as well as strength.  So… yeah.

Seek roles that get you in the tingly parts for sure.  But choose roles that allow you to be human too.  Because tingly parts just work better when you and your partners take care of heart, soul, and the top of the head too.