Mood right now:

Feeling ugly, because I’m only human, and I’m not always full of positivity and confidence about myself – especially my face. Dear me….the face ????

Message keeps getting clearer
Radio’s on and I’m moving ‘round the place
I check my look in the mirror
I want to change my clothes, my hair, my face
– Bruce Springsteen

Call it another curse of the human condition, but odds are no better than average that we’ll have the face or form or talents that we find most attractive.  And since we’re generally bad at assessing what other people find attractive, odds are even lower that we can successfully imagine someone thinking we’re attractive.

We can’t escape our feelings – they’re ours!  And we’re entitled to our own opinions.  It’s so important to acknowledge that.

Instead we have to take it on faith that others love, adore, crush out on, and lust after us just the way we are.  Really!

I’ll point out this isn’t that unreasonable an article of faith.  We take it on faith that the face and form we wish we had… the one we find attractive… would be attractive to others.  Since we make ourselves miserable with the first article of faith is it that big a risk to try out a new one?

Who are you going to believe, somebody else or your own lying eyes?  If someone you love says you’re beautiful?  Believe them!  Have faith.