My daddy wants me to squirt but I don’t know how, any advice?


Hydrate (drink water all day before play)

Relax!! If squirting is the goal you’ll never make it. Relax and enjoy.

Some things tend to lean more towards squirting. Gspot and cervical play moreso than anal or clit for example.




I don’t know how to, either. Sorry!! I don’t even know if squirting is like a thing you can teach yourself to do? Google might be more help or do any of my followers have any advice on this??

Daddy wants me to squirt…

Nothing wrong with squirting.  Nothing at all.  But, you know, not everybody does.  Maybe not everybody can.  Many people who can think it’s nice but not necessarily nicer than coming without squirting.  And…


How you come, or even whether you come, is not performance art.  It’s certainly not anyone else’s goddamn performance art.  Sex isn’t a gamer (not that kind of game anyway.)  Orgasms aren’t points for measuring prowess.  Getting someone squirt isn’t leveling up.

@Kellfire is right on the money when she says if squirting is the goal you’ll never make it.  For that matter if you squirting is his goal you may not make it either.

Even in BDSM the best way to make it happen is to not worry or care if it ever happens.  Because it might not ever happen.  What matters is are you both enjoying yourselves and do you both come away feeling better about yourselves and each other.