My greatest joy

My greatest joy, and pleasure in regards to being a Dom isn’t all the kinky sex, it’s not all the rules, or punishments. It’s being my Submissives biggest fan, supporter, and what ever else she needs of me so that she can be the best version of her self, and to help her accomplish of the goals she has set for herself.

I will do anything and everything I can in regards to those two things. If she needs someone to help with homework, chores, cooking, cleaning, diet, guess what? That is all easy for me to do. If she needs someone to pick her up and carry her when the world has beat her down, guess what? I’ve got a strong back, strong arms, and I will protect her until she can stand on her own again. If she needs someone to help her fight her own thoughts, and her own demons, I’m going to be there right by her side every damn step of the way. If she needs a night out with her friends and someone to pick her up at the end of the night? Guess who’s going to be there to drive her home, make sure she has some water, and gets what she needs in the morning if she has a hangover? Me. If she gets sick and just wants to watch disney and cuddle with soup and tissues all day, I’ll have it all together before you can snap your fingers, and whistle.

That is what being a Dom means. It’s not shouting orders, it’s not spanking or beating someone until they’re purple and blue.

It’s doing everything you can to make sure that person who has trusted you, and submitted to you, has everything they need to be the best version of themselves. That they have everything they need to accomplish their personal goals.

And I swear if anyone stands in her way of doing this, well I will clear the path for her.


Gives a girl a lot to think about.

In the words @instructor144,

“It ain’t all spankings and blowjobs kids!”

So very true

Love this.

Daddies and Doms really aren’t the same thing but there’s a lot of overlap.  But if you want to be either you’ve got to care enough to be there.