My Papi tells me I have no choice in being in an open relationship (and I’m not allowed other men), though we entered into a monogamous relationship initially. I often get ignored for his phone and rarely get his full attention. What do I do?


This is NOT OK, and sadly is a fairly common story from the bad Daddy genre. If you entered the relationship monogamously, and He did not tell you He was poly, or intended to have more little girls, then any change pertaining to that has to be agreed upon by BOTH OF YOU.

Let me tell you how this is going to go if you don’t address it. He will find another little to add to the mix. He will be very exited when she arrives. Then you will get even less of His attention, as now His relationship is split three ways, between two girls and His phone. That’s not where it will end though. When He decides that the two He has isn’t doing it from Him, He will tell you that He’s getting a third. You see, your Papi has confused owning submissives, with owning stuff. Stuff doesn’t have annoying feelings, so He can do whatever He wants with His stuff. It’s a fundamental problem with how He views D/s relationships, and it’s not likely to change. If I were you, I would immediately start exiting that relationship, but if you want to give Him one more chance, you can invoke your safeword, sit across from Him, make sure He’s looking you in the eye, and not at His phone, and tell Him how you feel, and what you need. It sounds to me like that’s not going to work, but at least you can walk out knowing you gave Him every opportunity to do the right thing, before you go and find someone that treats submissives like human beings that are under Our care and responsibility, not stuff to collect. Good luck little Miss. I am sorry for your situation.


Let’s not talk about him much except to say it sounds like he’s gotten some really shitty indoctrination about what it means to be a daddy, a dom, poly, or… a man.

Let’s focus on the anon instead since they’re the one with a fixable problem: their aforementioned doodledom.

Leaving would be an awesome idea. Totally legit. Wise even.

Though if while breaking you broke character too and said, grownup to grownup, that D/S and D/Lg is a mutual relationship between adults and not just an arrangement established for his convenience … that Daddy or Don is a role not a class or status… then maybe he won’t be such a dumpster fire for the next partner he hoodwinks into believing he’s actually a Dom and not a dick.