My sub doesn’t like cuddling after sex and so far she is the only girl i know who doesn’t. If you try to hug her or do something she will push away and be like its too hot ,not feeling it not today. I didn’t even knew i will find a girl who hates them


I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like cuddles.

We have alll kinds of stereotypes about people. All men want to roll over and sleep after sex. All women take forever to come with partners. All men love blowjobs. And…

All women want to cuddle after sex.

And men don’t!

But really men and women aren’t THAT different. Our bodies are a little different. And we have some (chemically not that different) hormones. But most of the genes we express, most of the thoughts we have, and virtually all the cultural cues we get are identical. (Clue: even most of our sex differentiation happens on shared chromosomes, not men’s Y or women’s X chromosomes!)


Yeah. Stereotypes notwithstanding (even internalized stereotypes!) some women have zero interest in cuddles after sex.

And obviously some men do.

Enough to miss it!

Enough to ask an expert if he’s the only one!


About those internalized stereotypes: I’m wondering how many women who cuddle after do so because they “know” they ought to? And how many men never mention how much they love it. Even though they “know” they don’t?