My sub is in law enforcement. You read that right. The woman that has chosen to bless me with the gift of her submission knocks on doors all day and walks into the homes of strangers to serve and protect. She grinds away, suffering insults daily and sometimes assaults. She does things that would make most grown men want to run and hide.

She stands up for herself and what is right, literally risking life and limb to do so. Then will bend over to be spanked by yours truly for breaking a rule.

She will stop for 10 minutes to have a snack rather than a proper lunch because her work load will not allow it. Then she will send me a picture of what she is eating for my approval.

She is extremely passionate about ending domestic violence and abuse wherever she encounters it. She does so often wearing my marks and bruises on her bottom, breasts, neck, and shoulders.

To several people that may be reading this, she may sound like a contradiction, but let me assure you that she is not. It takes a strong strong woman to be in law enforcement. It takes an even stronger woman to be a submissive. Every day she takes her life in her own hands to protect others. Every day she puts her life in my hands to protect her. That risk is something that I, as a Dom, could not fathom.

To have the trust and love of any sub, but especially one so strong, is something that I watch with awe. She doesn’t need me. She pays her own bills, is far more educated than I, makes more money, is beautiful enough to get any man she wants, and is strong enough to take care of herself. She CHOSE to need me. She did so because she respects and trusts me. Because I strive every day to not let her down from my end. It is a gift, her submission, and I will never take it for granted or abuse it.

Her submission pushes me to be all that she sees inside of me. It makes me strong. Her devotion makes me attentive, understanding, protective, caring, faithful. Her SUBMISSION is what makes me a LEADER.

Take time to appreciate your subs every day guys and gals. Without them we are just people scrolling tumblr and wishing; with an empty leash in our hand.

I love you kitten. @barbieceratops

For those of you who have the delusional notion that all submissives are cookie-cutter copies, demure and Geisha-like types, I offer this. ^^^ I know subs who are tomboys, gamer nerds, Star Wars fangirls, jeans-and-t-shirts roughhousers. I know submissives who jump out of choppers into fire; who run 100 miles through the woods in the dark; who parachute out of perfectly good airplanes for fun. Powerifters, boxers, and MMA fighters. Lawyers, entrepeneurs, warfighters, ER nurses, peace officers, doctors, psychologists, and EMS personnel. In short, submissives are people, and what an amazing and diverse constellation of people they are!

Just a reminder that leadership involves creating directives that appear as opportunities. Leaders can be Subs, no problem at all.

Submission is a state of mind, not a category of being. Getting hot from obedience or being put on your knees for sex doesn’t alter who you are or your place anywhere else in the world.