Since everyone on here is always telling me how unhygienic body hair is…

There’s a reason that humans have evolved to be mostly hairless except for a few select spots. Body hair exists for a purpose, no matter how many razorblade commercials try to make it sound icky.

I hate when people say it’s unhygienic. No bitch you just don’t shower don’t tell me I’m dirty.

I literally had a man on here tell me that I need to shave my pubic hair because “fecal matter gets stuck in pubic hair” and I was like omfg dude I’m sorry you don’t know how to properly clean yourself ????????????

It’s just a couple grams of hair. Some people keep it. Others don’t. Neither is gross. Both are cool.

I suspect a longitudinal study wouldn’t confirm the finding in the study the OP cites. For at least the last decade, possibly two, pubic hair removal has probably been associated with higher sexual activity. STIs are also associated with higher sexual activity.

Not to say there’s zero benefits. But I’d be skeptical of claims that hair is a significant barrier. There are associated risks with shaving cuts. A good side study would be to measure relative risks to men who perform oral sex and either shave or don’t.

None of that is an argument in favor of hair removal! Obviously! It’s just not an argument against either.

Hair grooming choices are are fashion choices with weighted by significant cultural pressure. Again visible fashion pressure on men to shave their faces from decade to decade.

(In the 1950’s men with beards weren’t allowed in many public swimming pools for “sanitary concerns!” In the 1960’s men with any facial hair at all weren’t allowed to enter Disneyland! Never mind that Disney himself had a signature mustache. So, yeah. Measurable pressure. )

Same arguments are being made now about pubic hair. It’s their/your body, their/your choice! Get over it.