New tag of mine #sassochist, for the subs who just want to have fun and get beaten to the end of the earth.

Example of sassochism.

Dom: how are you doing hun are the ropes okay?

My sassochistic ass: they’re just dandy, hanging out having a good time. Though I’m having trouble thinking of things to say, I think I’m a bit tongue tied at the moment.

Dom: beats my ass longer than planned because the sass master is getting a whoopin.

Just one more reason to have @marzipansyman  in my old-school blogroll.  They’re smart, snarky, seriously inclusive, a gleeful masochist, a wicked switch, and… the new #1 #sassochist! 

Great new word.  Perfect description.  Waaaayyy less othering/demeaning than “brat.”  I like it.  Mmmmm, Sassochists!